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Review Inner Landscape 2006

Mary Brennan, The Herald, August 11, 2006

At first sight, Neel de Jong looks a tad off-putting - a bag lady with
a silent stare that screams "whaddya lookin' at" attitude. But, in fact,
this Dutch performance artist is one of those genial, life-affirming
presences whose gentle rigmarole of unpacking a bag - offering food,
nuggets of philosophy - is like an oasis of kindly eccentricity in a Fringe
awash with self-absorbed posers. It's a mere half-hour in length, a wee
gem, but hurry -there's not long to go.Until tomorrow.


Inner Landscape, made in 2006 for the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh.
'In that what is unfinished the individual becomes visible
', Neel de Jong
The performance has an intimate and unpolished character, with a sense
of beauty and grace of its own, whereby the public becomes part of
Neel's world: intense, fragile, sensual, wild, funny, with other words:
all feelings are embraced. The show has again three segments:
the rock-star, waiting for Godot and the philosopher.
The pianst Augusto Pirodda accompanies Neel.

before Inner Landscape the show Work in Progress was made

Work in progress, made in 2005 for the D.U.M.B.O. dance
festival in New York.

'The silence is the force underneath my actions', says Neel
about her soloperformance. Neel de Jong works with psychic
realities, which she translates into dance and theater.
Authenticity, transformation and working with the silence are
reoccuring themes in her work. 'Work in Progress' has three
parts: the ladder, the autist and the bird. All three segments have
in common that the raw earthly is tightly connected with a reality
that escapes that. Every show is different, because creating
here and now in the present, plays an important role in her shows.

After Inner Landscape, Inner Landscape II was made

Inner Landscape part ll, this is a changed version of 'Inner
Landscape', made in 2006 for Montenegro.

In this performance the archetype 'the queen' is added to the show
'Inner landscape' Furthermore, Neel sings a
self-created song, accompanied by Augusto on piano.