Review Inner Landscape 2006

Mary Brennan, The Herald, August 11, 2006

At first sight, Neel de Jong looks a tad off-putting - a bag lady with
a silent stare that screams "whaddya lookin' at" attitude. But, in fact,
this Dutch performance artist is one of those genial, life-affirming
presences whose......

Reviews Moving Landscape 2007

KIRSTIN INNES (preview) The List magazine, August 1 2007

In video clips on her website, Neel de Jong stands in an empty
studio space. Her long tweed frock coat and eye goggles recall
Mr Toad; her static, silent demeanour does not. She makes a tiny,
polite motion with her head that her body eventually picks up on.......

MARY BRENNAN (recensie) The Herald, August 15 2007

Neel de Jong would instinctively recognise and applaud what the
women in the company, Little Dove Theatre Art (Australia) are up to
- her own work resonates with what it's like to live on the margins,
misunderstood at best and ignored or ostracised at worst. READ MORE

Reviews 'Driven' 2008

MARY BRENNAN (The Herald) 22 aug ****

Blame it not on the bossa nova, but on my handwriting: I misread my notes and
thought that Neel de Jong had left town when actually she'd shifted venue
mid-stint to 10am at Bedlam. Sometimes it feels as if de Jong arrived in this
world with....READ MORE

LAURA PEEBLES (the Three Weeks) 17 aug. *****

As you go in, the small theatre is completely dark, apart from a few dimmed
spotlights. On stage, sitting in the middle of her bin bags, is a crazy old bag
lady chanting and swaying. After a few minutes, the mumbled chanting suddenly,
becomes audible,....

ARTSPY UK 18 aug. *****

This is a magical show, inspiring, uplifting and deeply thought provoking. De Jong
explores the dark side of womanhood in an idiosyncratic fusion of dance and poetry.
Beginning as a bag-lady lost in her own world, she gradually involves the audience
using expressionistic gesture and utterance.....

TINA JACKSON (Metro) 17 aug. ****

Neel De Jong's short solo piece is a life-affirming way to start the day.
The Dutch physical theatre and  live art performer puts on a show about
overcoming the limitations of age and fear that is spirited, generous and
extraordinarily touching....

JACKIE FLETCHER (British Theatre Guide) 8 aug. ****

In layers of brightly-coloured gauze petticoats, stripy stockings and lace-up
boots, Neel de Jong sends us mixed and disturbing signals about the complexity
of womanhood. A child in the body of a middle-aged woman; a flamboyantly
sexual body that is turning to.....

Reviews F.L.O.W. 2009 Dublin/Edinburgh


Fringe 2 in 1 shows offer festival goers the opportunity to see unique musical
and theatrical pairings as part of the same ticket. Tonight, Smock Alley played
host to a 2 in 1 show featuring Neel de Jong, making her ABSOLUT FRINGE
debut with F.L.O.W. and French singer-songwriter perrine de morceaux
performing as Essais Emission.....

Review F.L.O.W 2009 Edinburgh

MARY BRENNAN, (The Herald), 18 Aug ****

'Okay folks - let's hear it for the renegades, the eccentrics, the freespirited talents that
cluster under the banner of dance and physical theatre, but are really looking to make
work that transcends boundaries. Without them, the Fringe would lose some of the
magical serendipity that leaves audiences feeling....

Review 'Still There' 2011 Erlangen

JUH (Spots ARENA Festival), June 04 '11, translated from German

On stage at the Mark Grafentheater begins the 61 year old Neel de Jong, before
the spectators have come up, with her extraordinary dance performance. Hardly
noticeable begins the performance with a few delicate notes on the piano.
Simultaneously with de Jong’s performance the public can see a projection....READ MORE